Psychotherapy Treatment Approach

I have been trained in a variety of approaches to psychotherapy and will select the ones that are most helpful for each client. My work is based on the principles of psychodynamic, client-centred and process experiential therapies.

I believe, that to achieve change, clients need to be able to access their emotions and cognitions in the therapy session so that they can recognize and understand how they construct their sense of self in the world and their sense of the world around them.

Ideally, our emotional reactions are adaptive and helpful in showing us what is important to what we need and want. Sometimes, however, our emotions are maladaptive and hinder us in reaching our full potential. This is when therapy is helpful.

The role of therapy is to bring into conscious awareness what one is experiencing by exploring and naming feelings. These feelings are then modified in such a way that the client can use them again as guides.

Psychotherapy is a collaborative venture between the client and the therapist. While I am an expert on therapy, you are an expert on yourself. I will not advise you on a course of action or tell you what to do. Rather, I help you discover what it is that you want and need. I view clients as active problem solvers who can resolve experiences that are disturbing, surprising, or puzzling for them. I will be there every step of the way to help you do it yourself.